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Record computer usage for keeping track of your work hours
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ManicTime is a program that helps you keep track of your time at work. By using this application, you will learn which documents or utilities you opened on your PC, see what websites you visited in the past hour or check how much time you spent working on a certain task.

The utility might also come in handy to people who share their PCs with other users and are looking for a simple monitoring solution. The app will let you know if unauthorized users tried to open your private documents or access a certain website.

After checking the information that's being offered by this program, you can find better ways to spend your work time and improve your productivity (avoid accessing certain sites, open various files, etc.). The app comes with various filtering options to help you find certain activities in its records, like the launch of a certain program.

You also have access to complete statistics based on how you use your PC while at work.

My only problem with this program is the fact that it supports only one output format when it comes to exporting the offered reports (CSV). Popular formats like HTML, DOC or PDF aren't supported.

Still, this application might prove to be a great solution for monitoring your PC activity. It provides you with many useful advantages and works 100%.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Provides you with various filtering settings
  • Gives you access to detailed reports based on your PC activity
  • You can exclude various services or apps from the monitoring process
  • You can import and export activity data


  • Supports only one output format when exporting the offered reports (CSV)
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